The Center for Global Change was created to provide assistance to the abused, neglected, and underprivileged orphans around the world. C4GC supports individuals, programs, and organizations that truly enrich the lives of the impoverished. Our goal is simply to satisfy the most fundamental human needs that we so often take for granted. Every member of the staff at C4GC is strictly a volunteer. C4GC does not channel any funds for operating expenses and functions on a minimal budget. All donations are strictly used for the projects specified by the donor and solely to improve the lives of those in desperate need. The C4GC currently supports several programs designed to make real differences in everyday lives for people born in abject poverty. Poverty is damaging on social, economic, and psychological levels and can cause irreversible damage to individuals and communities. Our mission is to provide the means and resources necessary to minimize, dissipate, and hopefully eliminate such an injustice. Together we can open eyes, inspire minds, and enlighten hearts.